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Agency Mania Solutions Founders -Bruno Gralpois, Teri Wiegman, Shaun Wolfe

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Most Influential Companies 2023

Agency Mania Solutions was built in the backyards of Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle, Washington. The company’s three founders, all industry veterans, joined forces on a mission to create a cloud-based technology platform to help brands improve business performance by strengthening their relationships with their agencies.

They are also widely recognized as the most relied upon thought-leader for best practices related to effective management of partnerships that deliver unmatched work and results. The company was named after Bruno’s best-selling novel, Agency Mania: Harnessing the Madness of Client/Agency Relationships for High-Impact Results.

Most Influential Companies 2023

Greenview Outdoor Solution LLC is a landscaping company based in Florida, USA that specializes in providing personalized outdoor projects. The company was founded by CibelePastori Conte, who is a highly qualified landscaper with more than 15 years of experience in Brazil. The mission of Greenview is to bring people closer to nature and create happy memories with family and friends in their outdoor space.

Cibele Pastori Conte - Founder

Wang Gi Nam - CEO

Most Influential Companies 2023

UDMTEK has a vision to provide new value to customers in various areas, such as industrial digital twins, manufacturing AI, and smart factories. They are committed to developing machine language processing technology different from natural language processing.

UDMTEK has developed valuable services, including Optra@Black-Box software, which applies to automated machines, processes, and entire factories.

Most Influential Companies 2023

Elucent Medical, Inc One of the key innovations brought by Elucent Medical is the concept of real-time surgical tool tracking through optical line-of-sight technology. This wireless solution eliminates the need for instrument exchanges during surgery and can be used across all operating rooms, bringing efficiency to the healthcare system. By integrating navigation directly into surgical tools, Elucent Medical ensures that surgeons can maintain focus on the surgical field, enhancing precision and safety.

Leadership - Team

Caroline Macdonald - CEO

Most Influential Companies 2023

BBX is committed to building a world of economic opportunity for business owners by dismantling the barriers to economic growth, improving cash flow and delivering a seamless business experience.The company aims to become the world’s largest and most trusted business network, helping businesses achieve their short and long-term business goals.

Most Influential Companies 2023

Sensobright In the realm of technology-driven innovation, Sensobright Industries LLC. has emerged as a pioneering company that is revolutionizing the field of tactile sensing. With their breakthrough solutions, Sensobright has developed optics-based tactile sensors that surpass the spatial resolution of the human fingertip, enabling robots and devices to possess a sense of touch akin to humans and beyond. Backed by a strong commitment to advancing and commercializing their technology, Sensobright Industries has garnered significant recognition and achievements in the industry.

Prof. Dr. Utku Buyuksahin

Rowshan Reordan - CEO

Most Influential Companies 2023

Green Leaf Lab was founded on a human rights issue. The right to clean cannabis. When you test with Green Leaf Lab, you are supporting the legitimacy of our industry through quality science and quality testing.”  Leading the way in quality cannabis testing, they continue to blaze trails when it comes to cannabis science, with expansive terpene profiles, extensive hops latent viroid testing, onsite facilities assessments for microbiological contaminants, and a full list of compliance and research and development options.   

Most Influential Companies 2023

KraftPal saw the need and opportunity to save the planet, so the idea was to start producing Corrugated Cardboard Pallets. This innovative pallet represents a revolutionary step forward, providing a sustainable alternative to the traditional wooden pallet. Designed to meet the demands of today’s industry, the KraftPal pallet offers a range of advantages over its wooden counterpart. The KraftPal pallets are also hygienic, comply with ISPM-15 standards, are moisture-resistant, and offer exceptional shock absorbency

Gregor Brajovic - CEO

Satya Nadella - CEO

Most Influential Companies 2023

Microsoft when SatyaNadella took charge in 2014, there was a shift in the perceptions, and Microsoft is now seen as an employee company. Nadellla stressed the importance of balancing work and personal life, which was perceived as a significant problem at Microsoft earlier. The CEO now relies heavily on a “Team “approach to run the company’s activities.

Most Influential Companies 2023

Apple Inc. is a common name across the world. One of the top pioneers in the US IT industry, Apple has been at the helm of developing products that make top-class user experience. From iPads to iPhones and accessories, Apple has set a tone for innovation that their competitors have no choice but to follow. With an astonishing 1 billion users globally, this IT company enjoys one of the most loyal customer bases you can find anywhere in the world.

Tim Cook - CEO