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10 Most Influential CEOs of the Year 2021

Emmanuel Cohen

Emmanuel Cohen, popular among peers and colleagues as ‘Manny,’ started as a freelance company researcher in Old Street, London. With his knowledge of mathematics, economics, and networking skills, it wasn’t long before he decided to set up his venture, which today has gained international acclaim. Steering the group that has helped over 300 million companies stands a man with a vision and a committed team, Emmanuel Cohen, the CEO and founder.

Sonia Cheng

Sonia Cheng is the Chief Executive Officer of the Rosewood Hotel Group and leads a team of accomplished industry specialists to expand the footprints of the Rosewood Hotel Group regionally and internationally.

Daniel Etra

Daniel Etra, CEO of RethinkFirst, co-founded the company with a mission to bridge the gap between trained ‘Applied Behavior Analysis’ (ABA) professionals and the growing number of patients suffering from developmental disabilities.

David Karp

The life of David Karp, Founder of Tumblr, has been exceptionally unconventional in every way. He was named Best Young Tech Entrepreneur by Business Week in August 2009. The genius and vision of this man led to the creation of a platform that let people show their creativity and express themselves online. He believes it is important to make a visible presence for oneself, especially when one is living in a world that is becoming truly digital.

Bret C. Keast

Bret C. Keast, AICP, the founder, and CEO of enCodePlus is a veteran planner with extensive public and private sector experience of over 30 years. He has worked for and with county and municipal governments across the US and in Canada during his career. His practice lured him to embark on an entrepreneurial journey which led to the formation of a national planning consulting firm, Kendig Keast Collaborative.

Tim Steiner

Tim Steiner is the co-founder and CEO of Ocado Group, a UK-based company that develops software for online grocery retailers. Tim is a former banker at Goldman Sachs, earning him the nickname “merchant banker.” Today, he is known as one of the tech-titans of the global grocery business, with Ocado making it to the FTSE 100 Index.

Ali Çekmeceligil

Ali Çekmeceligil was a driven and curious person. As the years went by, this software enthusiast steadily made his way up the ranks, and ultimately became the Chief Technology Officer at multiple international companies. With an impressive background in coding, Ali led numerous international research and development projects with multiple Fortune 500 companies. With BEECARD, he started a new journey, venturing out as an entrepreneur to simplify payments.

Dr. Nagma Abbasi

Dr. Nagma Abbasi founded NextGen Life sciences in 2014 and is expanding the organization’s footprints across the global market. Since its inception, NextGen has been on the path of consistent growth, empowering the field of biotechnology and healthcare. Even during the challenging period of Covid-19, NextGen manufactured and delivered critical products like Covid-19 testing kits and instruments and successfully delivered products and services quickly and efficiently.

Marc Rippen

A technology engineer, Marc Rippen has worked in multiple fortune 500 companies. In his experience of more than 30 years, Rippen has learned that success requires hard work, conviction, personal experience, and resilience. He leveraged his personal experience with diabetes for devising this innovative product. Alertgy’s best efforts to fulfill its goal are reflected by the numerous industry awards that the company has won during its journey.

Jared Hecht

Jared Hecht is a talented entrepreneur is an understatement to his disposition. He is a young genius and a charming leader who knows to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He was only in his early 20’s when he sold GroupMe to Microsoft for $80 million.