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Stephen Prince - The President & CEO

Vutility, Inc.: Pioneering Transformative Energy Insights for a Sustainable Future

In the bustling realm of companies striving to make a tangible impact, Vutility, Inc. aims to be the shining star redefining energy efficiency and sustainability. Since its inception in 2016, Vutility has been on a journey to revolutionize energy insights, empowering organizations with real-time, behind-the-meter visibility. As we delve into the company’s remarkable journey, its visionary leadership, innovative products, and commitment to a greener world come to the forefront.

A Glimpse into Vutility's Origins and Vision

The roots of Vutility trace back to a pivotal realization in 2016 – the lack of transparency within monthly utility bills. A group of ingenious engineers and entrepreneurs recognized this void and set out to create a groundbreaking solution. The result was the revolutionary HotDrop, an edge-intelligent, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled submeter that would redefine energy monitoring. This initial innovation was the catalyst for Vutility’s journey towards global success in energy efficiency and sustainability.

At its core, Vutility envisions a world where timely access to accurate data translates into transformative insights, fostering sustainable practices, minimizing waste, and optimizing performance and financial outcomes. This vision has propelled Vutility to the forefront of the energy monitoring landscape, earning it a well-deserved position among its peers and the energy industry.

The Distinctive Edge: Why Vutility Stands Out

In an energy industry landscape brimming with diverse companies, each with a USP of its own, Vutility has carved a unique niche. The company’s commitment to its chosen core focus sets it apart—a focus on sustainability and financial stability. Vutility understands that energy optimization is a cornerstone of organizational success across industries. This strategic insight not only addresses a critical need but also positions the company within a rapidly growing market.

Leadership that Steers Excellence

Vutility’s ascent to prominence can be credited to its exceptional leadership team. At the helm is Stephen Prince, the President & CEO, whose career spans over 25 years of successfully leading clean energy technology companies. Prince’s expertise in global commercialization has been pivotal in driving Vutility’s growth.

Michael Austin, the Chief Technology Officer, guides the company’s technology strategy. With over 35 patents and experience at technological giants like Motorola and BYD, Austin brings unparalleled expertise to Vutility.

An experienced team joins them in James Archuleta, Chief Information Officer; Joel Berntsen, Vice President of Channels & Partnerships; Richie King, Vice President, Finance & Controller; Chris Stoll, Vice President, Product Management, and Kathie Calvin, Director of Supply Chain.

Celebrating a Trail of Achievements and Accolades

Vutility’s commitment to excellence has been recognized both locally and globally. The company’s accolades include prestigious awards like

  • NREL Industry Growth Forum: Outstanding Venture—Growth Stage (2023)
  • EDP Energy Starter (2023)
  • Smart Open Lisboa (2023)
  • Tracxn Emerging Startups (2023)
  • AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator for Infrastructure (2022)
  • ENERGY TECH CHALLENGERS Finalist (2021, 2022)
  • Frost & Sullivan: Customer Value Leadership Award (2021, 2022)
  • Free Electrons (2020)
  • Utah Innovation Awards (2017, 2019)

These awards are a reflection Vutility’s unwavering dedication to innovation and advancement, reflecting its industry influence.

Empowering Change through Innovative Products

Vutility’s product portfolio is a testament to its commitment to innovation. At the heart of its offerings lies the groundbreaking HotDrop, an IoT-enabled submeter that offers seamless real-time energy insights. This wireless wonder has disrupted the energy monitoring market, simplifying deployment and reducing costs.

Building on the success of the HotDrop, Vutility introduced the VoltDrop, a self-contained revenue-grade metering kit installed within electrical distribution panels. This innovation further empowers organizations to optimize energy usage efficiently.

Fostering a People-Centric Culture

Vutility’s ethos naturally extends to its people. Every employee is a shareholder firmly invested in delivering exceptional value. The company’s work environment thrives on collaboration and camaraderie, with team activities fostering unity. As Vutility charts its growth trajectory, the well-being and growth of its employees remain central.

Unveiling a Journey to Success

Vutility’s journey, like any remarkable venture, has been marked with challenges. From technology glitches to navigating the impact of the pandemic, the company’s resilience shines through. The demand for Vutility’s solutions surged post-pandemic, propelling the company forward. Armed with an extensive IP moat and strategic partnerships, Vutility is poised to impact industries significantly.

A Vision for the Future

The CEO says, “You can’t change what you don’t understand, and you can’t understand what you don’t see.”

As the world grapples with energy and financial challenges, Vutility stands ready to lead. The urgency for efficient, sustainable operations has transformed Vutility’s solutions from optional to indispensable. The promise of unparalleled visibility drives rapid adoption as organizations recognize the need for data-driven decisions. Looking ahead, Vutility envisions extending its offerings to address challenges within the grid, empowering utilities with insights that drive informed, strategic actions.

With a transformative product portfolio, a commitment to excellence, and a relentless pursuit of a greener world, the company continues to light the way towards a sustainable future. It aims to set a precedent for others to follow.