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Dr. Byron Ernest's - Founder, and Chief Positivity Officer​


The leadership, driven by Byron Ernest, stands out for its commitment to relationship-building and the principles of authenticity and vulnerability. Byron’s accolades, including being the 2010 Indiana “Teacher of the Year” and the recipient of the 2011 Christopher Columbus Foundation Outstanding National Agriscience Teacher award, underscore the depth of experience and leadership within Leadery Global.

Before establishing Leadery Global Dr. Ernest was Superintendent/Head of Schools for Hoosier Academies Network of Schools. He also served as principal at Emmerich Manual High School in Indianapolis after it was taken over by the State for receiving seven consecutive failing annual performance grades. As principal, Dr. Ernest developed a new staff and culture of excellence focusing on high student achievement and performance. The State removed the school off the state’s “F” list under Byron’s leadership.

Prior to taking up the task of turning around Emmerich Manual High School, Dr. Ernest worked as the Department Head for Agriculture and FFA at Lebanon Community School Corporation.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Agricultural Education and a Master’s in Education from Purdue University. He received his Doctorate from Walden University in Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Ernest completed the Certificate for Advanced Educational Leadership program at Harvard University.

Leadery Global: Shaping Future Leadership Through Customized Solutions

Crafting Relationships and Bespoke Leadership Strategies

About Leadery Global

In the dynamic landscape of leadership consulting, Leadery Global, founded by Dr. Byron Ernest, emerges as a guiding force committed to personalized leadership solutions. The company’s vision revolves around delivering impactful global leadership, and its mission is rooted in the principles of building robust relationships by collectively leaning forward.

Core Values of Leadery Global

  • Integrity above all
  • Vulnerable & authentic
  • Everyone is a leader
  • Listen, hear, learn, & strive to be better
  • Not just better – different
  • Never cookie cutter
  • The glass is half full and we want a bigger glass

Product / Service Portfolio

Leadery Global specializes in tailoring and personalizing its consultative packages to meet the unique needs of its clients. These encompass stakeholder engagement, visionary system-level design, leadership development, facilitation services, teacher coaching, and teacher leader development. Byron Ernest, the founder, and chief positivity officer brings a wealth of global experience, leading online and in-person facilitation of groups and consulting across diverse business contexts.

The ability to customize services is a key differentiator in Leadery Global’s offerings, particularly in the education industry. This approach allows the company to provide solutions that go beyond the standard, addressing the specific needs of each client.

Solutions for Private & Public Organizations and Industry

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Expert Facilitation and Moderator
  • Custom Programs for Creative and Collaborative Help
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Leadership Coaching/Mentoring
  • Leading a Community fFrom Vision To Implementation (Strategic Planning)

Solutions for Government

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Expert Facilitation and Moderator
  • Custom Programs for Creative and Collaborative Help
  • Multidimensional Program Development
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Leadership Coaching/Mentoring
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Solutions for PreK-12 & Higher Education

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Facilitation of Strategic Plans
  • Teacher Leader Programs
  • Teacher Coaching
  • Education Management Support
  • Leadership Coaching/Mentoring
  • Professional Development

Its all about relationships

At the core of Leadery Global’s success is its commitment to building genuine, authentic relationships. Byron Ernest, through Leadery Global, goes beyond cookie-cutter approaches, embodying core values such as integrity, vulnerability, and the belief that everyone is a leader. By creating meaningful human moments, Leadery Global forges strong relationships, fostering an ecosystem where everyone can be their best. The company emphasizes the importance of authentic interaction, ensuring complete emotional and intellectual attention for its clients.

Achievements & Awards

Dr. Byron Ernest’s noteworthy achievements include being the 2010 Indiana “Teacher of the Year” and the recipient of the 2011 Christopher Columbus Foundation Outstanding National Agriscience Teacher award. He was named a Visiting Scholar in Residence by the C.S. Lewis Foundation and has been recognized internationally for leadership development work in education with a 2024 Impact Leadership Global Award in Dubai.

Future Prospects

As Leadery Global looks ahead, the vision is to deepen relationships and become a trusted advisor. Byron Ernest aims to be a “concierge” for Leadery Global, metaphorically moving around the table to sit next to the client. This involves becoming a learner, understanding individual organizations, and not just the industry.

By being readily available to assist clients and tailoring services to meet individual preferences, Leadery Global envisions growing as a thought leader and fostering an environment of personalized support for its clients. The company’s commitment to customized solutions positions it as a dynamic player in the leadership consulting space, poised for continued growth and impact.

In recognition of its dedication to leadership development in education, Leadery Global received the 2024 Impact Leadership Global Award in Dubai, reinforcing its global standing in transformative leadership practices. The company’s forward-looking approach and emphasis on personalized solutions set the stage for a future where Leadery Global continues to shape and elevate leadership across diverse sectors.

He wants to be remembered as a thoughtful leader who showed love for those he served by providing growth and development.