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Kristin Kaufman - Founder & President

Alignment Inc.: Elevating Transformation Through Purposeful Alignment

In the bustling arena of contemporary businesses striving for excellence, one company shines radiantly as a beacon of inspiration – Total Alignment, Inc., or simply Alignment, Inc. As the curtain rises in 2023, this dynamic enterprise steps into the limelight as one of the premier companies of the year. Rooted in its founding principles and propelled by a vision of holistic betterment, Alignment, Inc. is not just a company; it’s an embodiment of transformation through alignment.

The Essence of Alignment, Inc.

At the heart of Alignment, Inc.’s identity lies a profound commitment to authentic alignment. Established in 2007 by the visionary Kristin Kaufman, the company was conceived to assist individuals, teams, and leaders to transcend their existing levels of contribution, effectiveness, and personal fulfillment. It’s a journey that demands openness to change and an unwavering willingness to exert effort. According to Kristin, alignment is the triad of loving what one does, excelling at it, and connecting it to a higher purpose.

Its unwavering dedication to serving others propels Alignment, Inc. into the echelons of the year’s best companies. It’s not just about constructing a business; it’s a resounding commitment to serve and uplift individuals. Unlike companies preoccupied with revenue metrics, Alignment, Inc. orbits around the ethos of serving and empowering others to manifest their optimal selves.

Leadership as the Crucible of Transformation

The crux of Alignment, Inc.’s success resides in Kristin Kaufman’s transformative journey. Her extensive corporate and non-profit leadership background furnishes her with a treasure trove of wisdom. Years at Hewlett-Packard Company, culminating in leadership roles, and a stint as the Group Vice President of United Health Group have endowed her with invaluable insights into the engine that drives organizations – marrying these practical insights with a plethora of certifications and intensive training positions Kristin as a luminary in the realms of alignment and coaching.

Awards and Accolades Embellishing Excellence

Kristin Kaufman’s contributions have reverberated globally, resonating in the form of prestigious awards. Being designated as one of the top 23 coaches worldwide by The Coach Foundation is a testament to her global impact. She was recognized by Industry Era as one of the top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022. Influence Digest’s nod to her as one of the Top 15 coaches globally and Dallas Award in the Business Management Consultant category adds another laurel to her illustrious journey.

Navigating the Path of Success Through Alignment Services

The cornerstone of Alignment, Inc.’s legacy is its array of services that traverse a gamut of impact. These services stem from the conviction that sustainable transformation necessitates consistent support and guidance. Strategic leadership assessments, action learning workshops, strategic alignment consulting, and ongoing coaching services constitute the arsenal that empowers clients with tailor-made solutions.

Align your values, talents, goals, and intentions.

When responding to a question about what drives her, she said “My mission is to help make your dreams a reality. Whether you are in need of leadership coaching or consulting, encouraging insights, or a new business opportunity, I am here to help and support you. No matter which direction you choose, the first step is to align the values most important to you, with your unique talents, and tie them to your goals and overall intentions.”

A prolific writer, Kristin’s first book, Is This Seat Taken? Random Encounters That Change Your Life, gained national acclaim, and was endorsed by Stephen Covey and John Maxwell, among others.

Her second book in the series, entitled Is This Seat Taken? It’s Never Too Late to Find the Right Seat has been endorsed by notables such as Marshall Goldsmith, Sean Covey, and Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines.

Kristin’s third book, in the Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved it for You trilogy was released in 2019 and made the best seller list in the first week of publication.

Kristin is working on her fourth book and it will be offered in audio form, as well.

Empowering Change via Giving Back

Embedded within Alignment, Inc.’s DNA is a commitment to philanthropy. A portion of the company’s top-line revenue is channeled into various charitable ventures. Guided by Kristin Kaufman’s profound belief in philanthropy’s transformative potential, this commitment touches lives and fortifies the organization’s ethos.

Future Outlook: Pioneering Alignment for Triumph

Kristin Kaufman envisions a path sculpted by alignment’s catalytic power. The launch of the Alignment at Work™ series, featuring transformative courses like “Fast Track to Alignment – Inner Alignment to Outer Strength” and “Brand Alignment™,” epitomizes the company’s commitment to propelling leaders toward holistic excellence.

Under Kristin Kaufman’s visionary guidance and fueled by a steadfast commitment to service and empowerment, the company aims to be a harbinger of transformation. Its global expansion, the launch of pioneering courses, and a series of insightful publications promise to illuminate paths of positive change for individuals, teams, and organizations.