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Agency Mania Solutions Founders -Bruno Gralpois, Teri Wiegman, Shaun Wolfe

Cover Story

Agency Mania Solutions : Pioneering Transformation In Agency Management

In the dynamic advertising and marketing world, one company stands out as a trailblazer in revolutionizing how brands manage their agency and supplier relationships. Agency Mania Solutions (AMS), a trusted partner to global brands such as AT&T, Nestle, GSK, Toyota, Dell and American Express, has redefined the landscape of agency management, empowering advertisers to navigate the complexities of client-agency relationships seamlessly. This feature delves into the remarkable journey of AMS, highlighting its visionary leadership, unrivaled expertise, and game-changing solutions that have propelled the company to the pinnacle of success.

Agency Mania Solutions offers automated, Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions designed to significantly improve the ability of brand advertisers to manage their valuable agency and supplier relationships effectively. They are the industry’s leading agency management software provider, trusted by some of the largest brands in the world, looking to realize the transformational value of effectively managed and streamlined partnerships. The platform offers a suite of agency partnership management software to manage advertisers’ valuable agency relationships effectively – from choosing the right agency to accurately briefing agencies and handling SOWs, effectively managing resources and related financials, and much more.

AMS provides clients with enterprise-grade custom software and services that other cookie-cutter solutions can’t match. Why would you want to change your business or try to adopt new, complicated Software? “Your taxonomy, processes, workflow, and the way you approve things are all the result of establishing a well-oiled marketing department and team. So rather than having large companies conform to our solutions, we conform to them,” says Bruno Gralpois – Co-Founder.

They listen to their client’s challenges, understand what inefficiencies need fixing and where processes fall short – and ultimately ingrain themselves into their client’s programs. The way they uniquely partner with every client is their secret – they understand that there is no one-size-fits-all to manage their complex agency partnerships.

AMS’s groundbreaking suite of SaaS-based solutions has emerged as a game-changer in agency management. By effectively harnessing the power of automation and data analytics, AMS equips brand advertisers with the tools they need to optimize their agency relationships and drive tangible results. The company’s comprehensive platform streamlines the entire lifecycle of these partnerships, from agency selection and briefings to resource management, financial oversight, and performance evaluation.

Why Are They Trusted By The Largest Brands In The World?

They understand the complexity and nuances of organizational challenges and the world of agencies and marketing suppliers, which is why their team can deliver solutions that produce the best outcomes. One of AMS’s core strengths lies in its client-centric approach. Instead of expecting large companies to conform to their solutions, AMS takes the time to understand their clients’ challenges, inefficiencies, and pain points. By embedding themselves within their client’s environment, AMS becomes an integral part of their teams, working collaboratively to solve their specific challenges. This customized approach sets AMS apart from other providers and positions the company as a trusted partner for driving successful client/agency partnerships.

Agency Mania Solutions was built in the backyards of Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle, Washington. The company’s three founders, all industry veterans, joined forces in 2013 on a mission to create a cloud-based technology platform to help brands improve business performance by strengthening their relationships with their agencies. This month, they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary of the company’s inception.

They are also widely recognized as the most relied upon thought-leader for best practices related to effective management of partnerships that deliver unmatched work and results. The company was named after Bruno’s best-selling novel (now in it’s second edition), Agency Mania: Harnessing the Madness of Client/Agency Relationships for High-Impact Results. Visit to obtain a copy. They have also been running the industry’s only resource that captures newsworthy trends and client/agency developments.

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Solutions Suite

  • EvaluationDeliver – Utilize this turnkey solution to manage and track the performance of your key partners seamlessly. It simplifies the evaluation process and enables effective performance tracking.
  • ScopeDeliver – Accurately scope and monitor global campaign work, effectively manage supplier resources and related finances, and stay informed about project milestones, deliverables, and budget at any given moment.
  • RosterDeliver – Simplify the process of selecting the right agency and overseeing your global partners by utilizing a roster management solution. This tool enables internal teams to quickly locate agency and supplier resources for their projects.
  • BriefDeliver – Enhance the efficiency of briefing and collaboration with this solution. It streamlines the process, allowing for more effective communication and cooperation.
  • ContractDeliver – Access the right contracts instantly with this contract management database. It ensures that the necessary contracts are readily available whenever you need them.
  • KPIDeliver – Gain a comprehensive view of all key performance indicators through a user-friendly dashboard. This feature facilitates efficient reporting and analysis.

Achievements & Awards

Most recently, AMS was recognized as 1 of the Top 5 MarTech Companies to Watch by the Silicon Review. They also won SAMMY Award for 2021 Organization of the Year for innovation in the Advertising Technology category and the 2021 Stratus Award as a global leader in Cloud Computing. Their content continues to be recognized by top publications such as Adweek, AdExchanger and Forbes.

Management Team / Leadership

Bruno Gralpois

Bruno Gralpois – Co-Founder, Principal, Industry Expert

Bruno Gralpois, a trailblazer in the advertising industry, has played a pivotal role in establishing Agency Management as a global discipline for top advertisers worldwide. With a keen focus on fostering efficient collaboration and driving high-impact results, Bruno has earned recognition as an industry expert and visionary.

In his internationally acclaimed book, “Agency Mania: Harnessing the Madness of Client/Agency Relationships for High-Impact Results,” Bruno advocates for a paradigm shift in how advertisers approach their agency partnerships. Rather than simply managing agencies, he emphasizes cultivating strong, trusting relationships that enable brands to thrive. Inspired by this philosophy, Bruno co-founded Agency Mania Solutions, a company dedicated to guiding brand advertisers through transformative change and helping them achieve superior business outcomes through agency collaborations.

Bruno’s deep understanding of the dynamics between advertisers and agencies stems from his extensive experience in the industry. During his tenure at Visa Inc., he spearheaded the establishment of an innovative agency management department, setting a new standard for the industry. Bruno pioneered a company-wide approach at Microsoft to enhance the brand’s global strength by forging successful agency partnerships. His remarkable contributions earned him the prestigious Marketing Excellence Award from CEO Steve Ballmer.

Throughout his career, Bruno has held leadership positions at renowned companies such as Razorfish, Visio, and Clearwire/Sprint, consistently driving innovation and excellence in agency management. As the Association of National Advertisers Client/Agency Committee Chair, Bruno has been at the forefront of an industry-wide initiative to elevate understanding and practices in agency management. In his role as an active member of the ANA Faculty of Marketing, he imparts his knowledge and expertise, conducting training programs that empower brand advertisers and their teams to build fruitful relationships with their agencies.

Beyond his industry involvement, Bruno’s thought leadership has been recognized by prestigious organizations. As an official member of the Forbes Business Council, he shares his insights and expertise with a distinguished network of business leaders. Bruno’s remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to advancing the field of agency management continue to shape the industry and inspire professionals worldwide.

Teri Wiegman

Teri Wiegman – Co-Founder, Principal, Client Success

Teri Wiegman, a respected figure in the advertising industry, brings over 15 years of invaluable experience in agency management consulting to her clients. Having served as the CEO of Rhythm Consulting Group and the VP of The Resonance Group, Teri has worked closely with Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Visa, and HP, providing them with expert guidance and transformative solutions.

Renowned for her expertise and trusted counsel, Teri excels in developing and implementing robust agency management strategies, frameworks, and a wide array of programs. Her impressive career includes executive positions on the client side as well. As the VP of Marketing for Onvia, a prominent publicly traded provider of comprehensive government sales intelligence, Teri was pivotal in driving the company’s marketing initiatives. Additionally, as the VP of Marketing for Content Technologies, a leader in email security software, she showcased her exceptional marketing prowess.

Teri’s multifaceted marketing expertise spans various domains, including marketing communications, agency management, advertising, digital marketing, product marketing, and channel marketing. This comprehensive experience equips her with a profound understanding of how marketing organizations can maximize the value derived from their agency partnerships. With her deep insights and strategic mindset, Teri empowers her clients to optimize their marketing efforts, foster fruitful collaborations, and achieve unparalleled success in their respective industries. Her unwavering dedication and extensive knowledge inspire and guide marketing professionals worldwide.

Shaun Wolfe

Shaun Wolfe – Co-Founder, Principal, Head of Technology

With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years in the dynamic realm of high technology, Shaun Wolfe stands as a seasoned veteran whose expertise knows no bounds. His professional journey has traversed multiple continents, encompassing the successful launch of half a dozen startups, the orchestration of more than 50 major product launches, and the orchestration of complex mergers and acquisitions. Shaun has assumed the helm of leadership as the CEO for small-scale enterprises and remarkable companies boasting revenues of up to $800 million.

Notably, Shaun’s tenure as the President and CEO of WRQ Inc., a global enterprise software company, showcased his exceptional leadership acumen. During his tenure, WRQ Inc. was acquired by Francisco Partners and later merged with Attachmate, underscoring Shaun’s ability to navigate transformative business landscapes and drive success on a global scale.

Combining his extensive business acumen with profound software knowledge, Shaun is a trailblazer in delivering practical and highly effective automated solutions to the market. His deep understanding of the industry’s strategic and technical aspects enables him to create innovative software solutions that address critical business needs. Shaun’s visionary approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned him a reputation as a driving force in the high-tech landscape, shaping the future of automation and empowering organizations to achieve remarkable success.

Shaun’s remarkable journey is a testament to his unwavering passion, unwavering dedication, and unwavering pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology. His contributions redefine industry standards and inspire future leaders and innovators.

AMS offers the most extensive modular platform of SaaS solutions in the market, allowing organizations to realize greater value from their strategic supplier relationships—stand-alone or integrated, customizable solutions to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of the relationship.

Future Outlook For Organization And Industry Growth And Challenges

In the ever-evolving business landscape, market-leading organizations recognize the increasing importance of building strong relationships and harnessing talent capital. In this new era, a company’s ability to thrive in the marketplace relies heavily on its ecosystem of strategic partners. Among these partners, advertising and marketing are pivotal, representing significant investments for large brands. As a result, companies must strive for greater efficiency and effectiveness in their collaborations with agency partners to achieve optimal outcomes.

Acknowledging the challenges of today’s fast-paced and intricate business environment, organizations understand that managing agency relationships is no easy feat. However, they are determined to simplify this process. By streamlining and optimizing the management of agency partnerships, they aim to empower companies to navigate the complexities of the advertising and marketing landscape more effectively.

The future Outlook for organizations and the industry is centered around recognizing the value of relationships and talent capital. By enhancing their ability to collaborate successfully with strategic partners, particularly in the large spend category of advertising and marketing, companies can position themselves for sustained growth and overcome the challenges inherent in today’s dynamic business world.